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Emotional Intelligence Mini Audio Course

Emotional Intelligence Audio Course.  Become happier and have more peace by learning to self-heal.

Most people understand that emotional healing is important, but few understand how to heal.  In this course you will be educated about emotional healing and guided through an effective process to help you move through emotional pain with confidence. 

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Journey to your feminine Heart E-Course

Journey to Your Feminine Heart Email Course.

Ever felt overwhelmed, tired, restless, stale, out of touch with yourself or stuck in your body as if you're just going through the motions?  Ever experienced unexplained sadness or extreme irritability? All of these heavy mind states indicate that your inner self is lost in the shuffle, desiring to be healed, wanting a part in your life.

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Christian Life Coach Training

Learn Classic Life Coaching Skills from a Christian perspective in 5 easy lessons.

Our Online Christian Life Coach Training will help you fine tune leadership and ministry skills in order to help clients discover purpose, set goals, overcome negative self-talk, develop satisfying relationships and experience the sense of well-being and happiness that we all desire. Most of all, our life changing program will help you to become more successful in your life, because you not only learn effective coaching skills, you become a coach in your thinking and behavior.

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30 DAy Feminine Journey exercise and Movement videos


Enjoy 4 instructional videos designed to Increase thigh, glute and calf strength,  improve range of motion and flexibility in hip area and improve your ability to sustain female dominated sexual positions with confidence.

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Inner Healing Email Course


Most people know that deep healing is necessary but are unsure about where to start.  This text email course will help you to understand basic inner healing dynamics in order to heal emotionally and become a higher version of yourself. This is a 4 week Inner Healing Course.

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Sensual Poetry Audio Tracks

Sensual, Sexy, Audio Tracks by Veronica Montgomery

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